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"Ruby assisted in the birth of my second son. She is very well educated about all aspects of pre and post partum care and all the options that are out there. Ruby will give you any information you need and support your choices without judgment. She is passionate about her job, and it shows. She has a great working relationship with the doctors and nurses at the Hospital I delivered (Falmouth).  On the day of my delivery she got the call at 3 am and was there for us right away. She was supportive of my birth plan and helped keep me on track, along with much needed emotional and physical support during delivery. I can't say enough about how helpful Ruby was as my doula. She helped make my birth experience everything I had hoped for."

Posted 4/3/2016

Shea Morin Burke

"Ruby was a caring, sensitive, knowledgeable, and empowering presence throughout my pregnancy, birth, and post-partum experience. Her support was critical not just for me but for my husband as well, especially during our hospital birth. She was able to explain what every choice meant during the birthing process and how that could affect later choices. She helped us find our voice and empowered us to have the wonderful birth experience we for which we had been hoping. I was not lucky enough to have a doula in my first birth which is what made me seek one out for the birth of our second baby. The differences between experiences was incredible. I truly wish every person could have a doula to support them, I will never have another baby without Ruby by my side."  

Meghan Kemp

"Ruby is easily the most knowledgable and open minded birth expert I have ever met. She provides all of the information that a person could possibly want or need when expecting a child in order that her client can make the most informed and wisest decisions possible.  She does not push any agenda and makes it clear to the expecting family that the only right decisions to make regarding their pregnancy and birthing processes are the ones that they feel most comfortable with.  We could not have asked for a better guide for my pregnancy and birth and I know we will use her services if we conceive again!" 

Emily Hill

"Ruby attended my 2nd birth with my 2nd son in April 2014. I interviewed her while pregnant after having a questionable experience with my first birth doula. I knew right away at our first meeting that Ruby has deep-rooted knowledge about birth and women's bodies, and more importantly she has a deep, sincere desire to meet the needs of her clients. I hired her almost instantly after meeting her.

There are so many characteristics about Ruby that are special and unique. I think the two most important things to mention are that 1) she is humble, and 2) she doesn't have an agenda. Ruby's humility stems from having 4 children & births of her own. She truly has the wisdom and life experience that I believe is necessary to have the intuitive and compassionate spirit of a doula. She listens, she looks you in the eye, she empathizes, and she makes it clear that she is here to help you. And when I say she doesn't have an agenda, what I mean is that she has NO expectations of what your birth will be. She wants you to have the birth that YOU desire - whether it's unmedicated, home birth, epidural, scheduled cesarean. What Ruby wants is for you to walk away from your birth with peace in your heart with your experience.

I had the unmedicated hospital birth of my dreams with my husband & Ruby by my side. Ruby knew each step of the way how my labor was progressing. She offered me comfort measures I wouldn't have had otherwise (essential oils that were WONDERFUL, cold compresses, words of encouragement, etc.). My goal was to not get checked until I was fully dilated. Towards the end when I'd reached my limit I asked "Ruby, when will this be over?!" and she answered with complete but calm conviction, "You are 9.5cm dilated right now. It's almost over" ... low and behold, 10 minutes later I got checked, was 10cm and ready to push! Ruby KNEW through the sounds I was making and my mannerisms that it was time. Ruby is special. You will love her."

Kara Leeman

"Ruby was our birthing doula for our first born. We met with Ruby twice before our little guy was born
and once after.  We discussed what to expect during labor, delivery and post-partum. We had many       
useful and informative conversations and I felt much more comfortable and ready for what was to   
come. Ruby was always available to answer my, sometimes stupid, questions with no judgement. Once
the big day came, Ruby was in touch with us throughout the day as I labored at home and was ready to
join us whenever we were ready. Once that time came, Ruby came right over. At that point, I was
having back labor and Ruby was extremely helpful in making me more comfortable physically and
mentally. She had many great interventions that helped me cope. Once we headed to the hospital,

     Ruby stayed by our side the whole time. She had a great relationship with the hospital staff and was
supportive of my and my husbands wishes. Ruby had a way of supporting me while also involving my     
husband and not stepping on the hospital staff's toes. There was many a time I looked to Ruby for a
reassuring smile and she always followed through!  I cannot say enough good things about Ruby. My
birth experience was great thanks to her. I know that I would have been much more stressed and    
nervous during the labor which would have had a negative impact on my overall experience. I was also
able to labor at home for most of my labor which was wonderful and something I had hoped for. I  
highly recommend Ruby as a birthing doula. She is a wonderful person full of knowledge and
experience and she will always have a special place in our hearts." 
 -Hailey Condon
      Posted 11/5/2016
"At first we weren't sure if we even wanted to have a doula for the birth of our first child.
But from the first minutes of our first meeting with Ruby, we knew that we were in the very
best of hands. Ruby was patient, warm, generous, and funny. She was also brilliant -- she
answered every question we had, thoroughly and patiently, and never once made us feel
as if we were being silly or paranoid. She gave us wonderfully informative books to read and
happily discussed any questions we had about them. She met with us repeatedly before the birth
and was always the same tireless and cheerful presence. We were stressed out and frazzled and
extremely nervous, but every time we would sit down with Ruby, her calm was contagious.
That definitely extended to the day of the birth!
     Labor started around 1 a.m. on a Friday night. We called Ruby, and she was there in a flash.
I never saw her yawn or stretch or hang her head -- she was cheerful, she was positive, and she
still exuded that calmness and serenity. She took charge in the birthing suite (as we had asked
her to do!) set the mood beautifully with lighting and candles and aromatherapy, and was
completely hands on (literally -- my wife, who was having some painful back labor, raved
about her massage skills). Our daughter would be perfect no matter what. But thanks to Ruby,
her arrival was just as wonderful as she is.

     If you choose Ruby to be your doula, you will never, ever regret it. You will benefit in ways,
big and small, and you will have the best birthing experience you possibly can -- because she
will do literally everything in her power to make it that way. We will never forget her, and
never cease to be grateful!"
 -Collin Mickle
      Posted 9/6/2016
  " It is difficult to put into words how incredibly valuable and grateful we are for Ruby. This
was our first pregnancy and we can't imagine having done it without her steadfast, reassuring
expertise alongside us. If you are considering a doula, do yourself and favor and book Ruby ASAP!

Here's our experience:
   Prior to delivery Ruby met with us three times - the interview and two pre delivery meetings.
She helped educate us on anything we had questions about, whether it was the delivery, breast-
feeding, baby wearing, cloth diapers, Group B testing, etc. She took her time explaining everything
and when she left it always felt like a huge weight had been lifted off me. One of the best policies
Ruby has is to assist you in whatever type of birth you want.  She has no agenda and will respect
the decisions you make without pushing you.  I was hoping for a natural birth at the Falmouth
hospital and had several other wishes, like delayed cord clamping, breastfeeding, etc.  We also
created a backup plan in advance in case of complications.

   That backup plan became incredibly important when after 17 hours of labor, including 2 of pushing,
my daughter's heartrate was dropping dangerously and we needed an emergency cesaran.  Up to that
point Ruby had kept me as comfortable as possible while I managed the pain of my contractions and
when it came to pushing, she helped me try several positions. Unfortunately the baby was stuck and
in danger and at an incredibly scary time, Ruby provided the comfort we needed. During the frenzy
of prepping for emergency surgery, she even made sure the doctors did a vaginal swab so my baby
would still get her "vaginal gulp" - somemthing that was very important to us. A first at Falmouth!
After the baby was born, Ruby helped latch her on for her first feeding.
   She came to our house a few days after we returned to help me process the trauma of an emergency
cesarean and to encapsulate the placenta."

     -Shelby Chubb
     "Ruby was our Doula for the birth of our first baby, a girl, in May 2015. Ruby was such a steady, calm, and supportive figure throughout the pregnancy, labor, delivery and postpartum.
She offered so much advice and support, and really led us to have an anxiety-free experience. We delivered our baby completely naturally at Cape Cod Hospital, as planned...almost two weeks after my due-date. The mid-wives and staff at Cape Cod Hospital all have high praise for Ruby.

     My husband and I were so glad to have her by our side during the early labor at home, and Ruby really knew when it was time to go to the hospital and helped us get comfortable in the car (not an easy task) and was right behind us as we pulled up to the entrance. She was attentive every second of the delivery and took the first photos of my husband and I with our daughter. I know my husband was grateful to have another person in the room that he knew (through the home-interviewing process) and with whom he was comfortable.

    We felt really lucky to have such an experienced woman by our side and would definitely recommend Ruby's services to anybody - no matter your circumstances or situation.
Thank you Ruby!!!"
Marie Weber
Posted 4/8/2016

 "Ruby is the absolute best doula anyone could ever ask for. She is such a kind and compassionate and caring person. She is also very knowledgable and very experienced with all aspects of pregnancy and the birthing process. From the moment I met her, I knew I wanted her at our birth. We opted for a home birth this past October 2015 (after 2 previous hospital births) and I couldn't imagine a better person to have by my side during labor and delivery. She just seemed to know exactly what I needed even when I didn't, especially when things got intense. She has such a calming and relaxed way about her and that's exactly what my husband and I needed. She truly loves what she does and she is so very good at it. She helped us have the best birth experience we could have ever imagined. We would highly recommend her!"
Miranda Plimpton
 "Working with Ruby was the best decision ever.  Being fairly new to the Cape, we found her through a random web search, not really knowing how a doula would help us to deliver our baby boy at home. Not only as she helped to develop a birth plan together; she shared all her knowledge and patiently answered the million questions one has before giving birth for the first time. When the day came, she was first at our home and helped me and my husband in many different ways to have a beautiful experience. When it came to the hard part, she was right on: massages, oils and delivery support. She stayed the entire time - even when I had to be transferred to the hospital. I would have not made it without her. Long story short, she has become a dear friend and if we get pregnant again, we will be honored to work with her again!"

Daniela Schreiber

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